Aztec Dyanasty Multiple Choice Questions:

1. The Aztecs and the Mayans:

a.      Were both ruling central America during the same time period

b.      Both conquered the Incas and then divided their land

c.      Both were polytheist civilizations who valued animal sacrifice but not human sacrifice

d.      Both settled primarily in today’s Mexico but during different time periods.


2. Which of the following is true concerning Aztec women?

 a.      women often decided the fate of prisoners captured by warriors 

 b.      Aztec women could own and inherit property. 

 c.      Aztec women could enter into contracts. 

 d.      Aztec women frequently became warriors.


3. ________ were man-made, swampy islands that were crisscrossed by canals.

 a.      Pulque 

 b.      Chinampas 

 c.      Tikals 

 d.      Agave


4. The Spaniards who conquered the Aztecs were aided by which of the following?

a.       contagious disease

b.       his brother Hernando

c.       the use of the steam engine

d.       the use of a railroad system


5. Who was the conqueror of the Aztecs?

 a.      Hernán Cortés 

 b.      Bernal Díaz 

 c.      Gabriela de Vega 

 d.      Francisco Pizarro