Muslim Invasions of India - c. 900 - 1250

Major Accomplishments: brought Islam to India, persecuted Hindus, slowly created a synthesis bewteen Islamic and Hindu culture

Islamic Invasions of India Video:

Indian Political Instability c. 550 - 1050

  • costly to rule India as a single empire
  • Without stable gov’t investment and technological progress slow or stop.
  • poor interregional communications also made unification difficult

India Economy c. 550 - 1150

  • Small, local agriculture dominates economy
  • most people were subsistence farmers
  • Few markets to buy or sell products
  • Some coastal trade with Africa and middle east along the coastline
  • Regular local famines causes population migration and decline addintoinstability
  • The ports of S. India were involved in the Indian Ocean trade, chiefly involving spices, with the Roman Empire to the west and Southeast Asia to the east

India Social Life c. 550 - 1150

  • Caste system led to large gap between rich and poor
  • caste system limited social change and decreased desire to progress since people couldn’t change caste no matter what
  • Families remained patriarchical and large
  • Women lost rights since the power of central govt and religious central power declined and they were not well protected

Indian Religion c. 550 - 1150 : THE RISE OF SUFISM in India

  • Hindu dominates
  • Many Buddhists
  • Jains and Zorastrians also
  • Sufi Islam begins
    • simple living
    • constant prayer
    • Often wear blue wool (sūf) clothing,
    • Mystical Muslims

The Rise of Islam in India

  • c. 700 - Traders from Umayyad Caliphate of Damascus
  • c. 800 - Muslim settlers
  • c. 1000 – Turkish Muslim invaders from Turkistan
  • 1150 Turkish Muslim conquerors take India and build Delhi Sultanate
  • excellent trade links with Dar al Islam

Islamic Conquerer MAHMUD OF GHAZNI ‘The Idol Breaker’

  • from Afghanistan
  • 1001 – 1026 CE
  • 17 invasions into India
  • destroyed Hindu temples,
  • captured Hindus as slaves, and
  • pillaged the wealth of the Indian cities.