Sui Dynasty: 589 - 618 AD

Major Accomplishments: re-united China, built Grand Canal connecting northern to southern China, legalist Empire

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The Sui Dynasty Overview


Wen Di founded the Sui Dynasty in 589ce. The Sui Dynasty began when Emperor Wen's daughter became the Empress of Northern Zhou, which made her new step- son the emperor.  After Wen conquered and crushed an army from one of the eastern province, Wen took the throne by force and proclaimed himself emperor. Once he had power, Wen was able to initiate reforms to try and strengthen his empire and reunify China


Sui Accomplishments

They also built granaries which provided them with a stable source of cheap food during famine years. The Sui dynasty also had a stable economy, which was militaristic, and they were legalists.



The Sui made the Grand Canal, which was one of their biggest accomplishments. They had slaves dig a canal so they could trade easier, and get around better and more efficiently.   The Grand Canal was built by slaves who were forced to dig a canal with just shovels. The Grand Canal was made to help the Sui with trade and transportation.  Second, the Sui developed granaries. They built the granaries around the capitols and they were made to supply the Sui people with a cheap and stable supply of food. The Sui seemed advanced because they had ways to make their food better and more nutritional. The third accomplishment the Sui had was that they helped in the development of the Great Wall of China. The Sui dynasty just helped in the completion of the Great Wall which was very important to the people of China because the great wall provided them with protection from invaders..


Sui Military

Along with their technological accomplishments, the Sui were militaristic, and were very strict. The Sui people were very strict because they believed that their military was a big part of their dynasties success, which could be true because they had the big navy battle that kind of got their dynasty going in the first place.


Sui Decline

The fall of the Sui dynasty took place in 618 ce. The fall started when the Sui people started to resent the Emperor. The accomplishments they had put a huge strain on the Sui people and they just kind of deteriorated. They tried to bring thing back together but it didn’t work. The dynasty started to rebel against the government and they had been losing their battles too, so that put even more stress on the people. The Sui dynasty finally fell into the hands of Emperor Gaozu of Tang, and that led to the rule of the Tang dynasty.

The Sui Dynasty was short-lived by very important because it reconnected southern China together into an empire which would quickly grow in the dominant force in Asia again during the Tang and Song Dynasties.